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S.S. Pio XII e gli Ebrei (Italiano, English, Русский Язык)

S.S. Pio XII e gli Ebrei, l’inganno delle accuse mai provate.
H.H. Pius XII and the Jews. the deception of accusations never proven
Его Святейшество Пий XII, евреи, обман обвинений никогда не доказывается Continua a leggere

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Where to start from? It is opportune, indeed inevitable, to start again from St. John Paul II. He has taken with one hand the Europe whole (including Russia) and the Jews with the other, without taking away the smiling gaze from Islam, despite the co-responsibility in the attempt to kill him and the hatred lavished by the minarets, and not only from those. Continua a leggere

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