Where to start from? It is opportune, indeed inevitable, to start again from St. John Paul II. He has taken with one hand the Europe whole (including Russia) and the Jews with the other, without taking away the smiling gaze from Islam, despite the co-responsibility in the attempt to kill him and the hatred lavished by the minarets, and not only from those.

I distrust, as politely as firmly, do not read further, those – believers and non-believers alike – are inclined to hostility towards the remaining monotheistic religions. I remember to Catholics the dual duty of loving our neighbor and, equally and with equal energy, our commitment to convert – convert, no debate, convert – bearing witness of our faith in the only Roman Catholic Apostolic Church. The our first duty is the truth.
As we have yet settled, the strategic battle is nowadays played between truth and lie, to manipulate the consensus and consequently to paralyze the millennial pastoral work of the Church. So the truth is essential. Wide-ranging program, somebody will be said; but we must however begin. All the previous popes contrasted – some more, some less – the poisoning of modernism. In recent times, St. John Paul II and H.H. Benedict XVI have distinguished themselves. Today we are facing Pilate again, the scourging has just begun. Is a new crucifixion in sight? Is everything so peculiarly well-defined? Despite many respectable prophecies, our free will juxtaposes our Lord’s full freedom to change the course of events. We must remember St. John Paul II, who, unifying the Polish flock under the Holy Cross, crumbled the Warsaw Pact and its bellicose invasion plans without firing a firecracker. We concluded by asking ourselves: «What is the Church doing today while a cataclysm is approaching? Who should take some initiative? »
The first question has a sad answer. None of the policies of the Holy See appear tailored to put out the fire, triggered at least by the attempt to plunder Russia, then investing the whole globe, as we can see nowadays. At any moment United States, Russia and China could employ weapons of mass destruction. We have already explained why, nevertheless we will return later with more detail. Bergoglio, during a homily, has endorsed the proposal of Islamic High Committee for Human Brotherhood to devote May 14 to common prayer for peace. Bergoglio so has divided the people rather than get them together. Bergoglio divided the Catholics – inviting to pray with the Muslims – the same Catholics to whom, at the same time, the pontiff has been denying Holy Mass and the Holy Sacraments for months. Then, why should the people accept to joining under a minaret? Bergoglio further divided Catholics from Jews, who rejected the appeal of the Islamic Committee. In short, a political and pastoral catastrophe, grotesque as well as pathetic. Even worse answering the second question: “Who should take the initiative?”, while the Holy(?) See is oscillating between Islamized prayers and secret treaties with the Chinese regime, the most infamous ever appeared on earth, in addition to equally secret funding to US political factions, to their followers, Italian and otherwise, especially among those engaged in speculate on immigration. What is emerging by Obamagate cannot be hidden, despite Ms. Giovanna Botteri, Italian news correspondent of RAI (Italian state television) firstly sent from New York to Beijing to comment the Covid-19 and now precipitously returning in New York while the Obama home sewers are exploding. All useless as the truth is emerging, killed but in good health. Secret is father of Fake, we do not get tired of shouting from the roofs, while the Church, in turn mocked by its top, is going in disarray.

Restarting from the Mediterranean
Where to start from? It is opportune, indeed inevitable, to start again from St. John Paul II. He has taken with one hand the Europe whole (including Russia) and the Jews with the other, without taking away the smiling gaze from Islam, despite the co-responsibility in the attempt to kill him and the hatred lavished by the minarets, and not only from those. Africa, Asia and Latin America must share the same project, now. A solution is impossible, however, in the medium term, because of the enormous problems left by wars, economic and social disasters, adding to which the decay in the Church. It is nevertheless grotesque, before false, predicting a forthcoming apocalypse, while we are carelessly waiting.
The first effort which the Church should address is for peace in the Mediterranean, Mare Nostrum, not as intended by the Roman Empire, but as intersection of the monotheistic religions, all founders of their peculiar civilizations, which must, they cannot avoid finding a modus vivendi that extinguishes rather than feed the flames. From the Mediterranean it is necessary to go into the heart of Africa, where China and France, undisturbed, ruthlessly exploit populations.

Holy Christmas and Easter, Chanukkah and Pesah
Let’s start with the Jewish brothers. I know the minefield I am walking on, I hear the breechblock of the rifles of the many impatient if not hostile to my way. When however, there is no choice, then the choice is easy; therefore, we need to move forward. Let’s look around: who else could help the Church to pacify the Mediterranean and recover Africa? Lutherans? Muslims? China? We must therefore cling to logical to all us historical certainties, verifiable and shareable.
A double coincidence, which too many ignored: also this year the Jewish Chanukah – called the “feast of lights” – practically coincided with Holy Christmas; on the other hand, Easter is outraged by the well-known prohibitions, together with Pesah, the Jewish Passover, eight days during which the Jewish people commemorate the freed from Egypt and their exodus to the Promised Land.
How many unschooled people, how many times attributed the origins of Christmas and the Holy Easter in remakes of pagan celebrations?
On December 26 a few years ago, Roberto Della Rocca rabbi pointed on “Jewish Pages” magazine the danger of trivializing the Jewish specificity of “Lights celebration”, turning into a collateral event of the Christian Christmas, already trivialized (the latter fact kindly not underlined by the rabbi). The attempt to cancel Holy Christmas, reiterated every year by maîtres and maîtresses à penser, is under everyone’s eyes. A freemason friend of mine sends me punctually wishes for a “happy feast of the Solstice”, to which I am equally punctual answering with a “Merry Christmas of Our Lord”. In the shopping centers, the “Christmas Village” evicted the Crib under the illusion of illuminating the commercial party by obscuring the religious celebration. Tomorrow maybe another virus will compromise the Christmas and Chanukah celebrations as has happened for Pesah and Easter, thanks to circles of Nazareth house[1] and the gallants roaming in. Actually, the attempts to paganize the Holy Christmas, with rag as “to respect the other religions”, have failed in spite of the undertaken efforts. Even in the Lutheran ground, in Sweden, took root and resists the celebration of Saint Lucia, Saint of Syracuse, Sicily, announcing still every year, also to the disbelievers, the arrival of Christmas.
Chanukah and Christmas, Easter and Pesah, distinct yet related, they should lead us to find a common path, as along together, though each one on their own side.
The foreword of the First Book of Maccabees of the Catholic Bible ensures that it: «… is an important source for the history of Judaism in the second century. B.C; the events it tells cover a period from 175, the beginning of the reign of Antioco Epìfane, to 134, the date of the death of Simone Maccabee. It is only forty years during which we are witnessing the affirmation of the Maccabees family and the establishment of the Hasmonean dynasty ».
Mattatia, father of the Maccabees and elderly priest, started the armed revolt, marking the end of Hellenism in Jewish land. Chanukah remembers this and the miracle of the oil’s ampule. The Temple, dishonored by Assyrian Greeks, was reconsecrated and permanently illuminating by the Menorah – the seven-branched lamp – fed with pure olive oil, the availability of which seemed enough for only one day. The lamp remained miraculously lit for the eight days necessary for the rededication and to produce new oil. Chanukah, the “Celebration of Lights” reverberates into the celebration of St. Lucia and in the Christmas lights. The revolt of the Maccabees, on the other hand, paved the way for the Christian Advent, 165 years later, by burying the Hellenic Assyrian pagan civilization. The epic of the Maccabees thus becomes a common stone of the Jewish and Christian civilizations, whose merger buries the paganism and gives rise to western civilization. The European Union, nowadays dominated by logical nazi-lutheran rules of the IV Reich, rejects these roots, disrupting the own communities, The scandal of Jesus Christ, a Jew
Let’s go into the minefield. I hear again the guns’ breechblocks; however, I must proceed. Jesus Christ is Jewish, the scandal is in historical certainty, however subject to two removals. A distinctly political one, tending to make Jesus an ante litteram member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The second removal is bilateral, both by believing Catholics as well as practicing Jews; many among them are inclined to ignore the common relationship. We investigate the Catholic courtyard. The removal was carried out from above, getting drunk the people. On the Vatican website, the Fourth Joyful Mystery: «Jesus is presented to the Temple by Mary and Joseph». The grandparents recited it thus: “We contemplate the purification of Most Holy Mary and the circumcision of the Child Jesus”. In other words, the Catholic doctrine recognizes the perfect continuity between the Levitical Law and Law Roman Catholic, as clearly stated in the Holy Gospel. The Vatican eludes. The devil, says a proverb, crouches under the Holy Water. We can imagine him much busier in the Holy See? And even more in the Holy Land. One of the most successful enterprises is in fact, with the arrival of the Jews in Israel, the multilateral war, uninterrupted from 1948 to the present day, incardinated to the so-called Palestine.

Palestine, a false history becoming a reality
The Palestinians’ right to self-determination today is undeniable. States are born and die with wars, I told many times. The Palestine is a paradox: it is born, instead of dying, despite a lot of the lost wars. To explain the reasons would require a peculiar book. Let’s get to the facts. Palestine today is a concrete political reality, of which we have to take objectively account, despite the ‘irrelevance which have condemned his own policies and more. Palestine is a concrete reality but its right to exist is in fact subordinate to that of Israel, whether the parties like it or not. This is the diabolical Gordian knot that makes the story seemingly irresolvable.
Anyone wishing to deepen the problem can read here. I propose only an excerpt to understand how the issue, born very badly, could therefore end up worse.
Authoritative historians argue – shamelessly lying – the pre-existence of a Palestinian nation before the Second World War, documented, according to them, by the secret agreement (secret, evil’s bad habit) of 1916, to divide up Middle East and Asia Minor between France and the Kingdom (The Sykes – Picot Agreement). Years ago this thesis was also heard in the Italian Army School of War, through a teacher expert in wine rather than history. Let’s go to the facts. Denis Marie François Georges Picot, the French diplomat, great-uncle of Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, president of France from 1974 to 1981, shared with the pro grandson many qualities, in addition to the sharp intelligence, definitely a boundless cynicism. Picot brought home a considerable loot thanks to the secret agreement (evil’s bad habit) on Asia Minor, subscribed with the British representative, Mark Sykes, between November 1915 and March 1916. Colonel Sykes guaranteed Britain secure communications from the Mediterranean to the Indies, controlling the territory today corresponding to Israel, Jordan and Iraq. France caught down Lebanon and Syria.
Sykes brought the result to the Paris Peace Conference, which opened on January 18, 1919, but the conclusion was denied to him, struck down in February by the Spanish fever. Well, there is no reference to “Palestine” in the Franco-British agreement, just read it to ascertain it. On the other hand, the Ottoman empire collected that territory as the sum of several provinces: Sandjak[2] of Jerusalem, Sandjak of Nablus, Sandjak of Gaza, Sandjak of Acri, with a part of the Vilayet of Syria and the Vilayet of Beirut. In those years the confusion began, still swirling and profitable for too many, the ones committed to speculating on the oil market thanks to the tensions, generously procured in that area, by the oil cartels, by Muslims, Jews and Christians, a devil to pay by all unfortunate Christians, Palestinians and Jews; all the peoples area still paying a lot of scoundrels, native or no.

The History kneeling to the oil policy
The Franco-British agreement of 1916, without any reference to today’s Palestine does not discourage g stubborn them supporters of genuflection of history to politics, dressing up Palestine as a Roman subjugated province by the former Ottoman Empire, preexisting so to Israel, born only 1948.
The heirs of Roman Palestine, the counterfeiters conclude, have far more solid rights than the Jews to claim those lands. Such a way of reasoning in the so-called historians confirms their propensity to manipulate the past, as Paul Valery assured, like fortune tellers the future, with the difference that the forecasts can be verified. Well, the idolized masters will excuse us if we try to disappoint Valery.
As studying method, it must be remembered that Palestine could not be – and was not – counted in the Ottoman catalog of the provinces: the Sublime Porta would never have admitted the abhorred Jewish root of it. As matter of fact, recalling the Latin word “Palaestina”, we are referring to the Jewish populations mentioned by Herodotus, however with a different meaning from that then understood within the empire of Hadrian, whose “Syria Palaestina” included Iudaea, Samaria, Galilaea, Philistaea and Perea, a very vast territory, a century after Christ. So, according to the reading key of the idolatred masters, today’s Jews are entitled to claim the annexation of Judea, indeed they can claim an even wider territory. On the other hand, if Palestine derives from the Roman imperial region, it is a fortiori impossible to support its Muslim root. And, if we mean as “Palestine” the outgrowth of the Franco-British diplomatic Frankstein, the Palestinian national identity is even less defined than that of Israel, preexisting ab antiquo, while Muhammad appeared five centuries after Christ.
As for the “lands expropriated to the Palestinians”, it is a fake history: the Sublime Porta applied a police and tax regime of rare ruthlessness, leaving private portions of land, of poor agricultural quality, purchased by Jews also with financial help of Stalin, that is, of the newly formed Soviet Union, the first state in the world that recognized the legitimacy of the state of Israel.
The swirling fakes surrounding this subject are enlightened by today’s advocates of ius soli for African migrants, while they themselves deny a similar right to Jews who flocked to Israel since the beginning of the last century.

Two faiths, two covenants with God, both current
Restoring the truth and sewing the divisions. The common roots are not only in history, but also in their respective Catholic and Jewish faiths. Indeed, a Catholic cannot question the current validity of the covenant – through Abraham – between God and the Jewish people. This covenant, still in force, is parallel to the universal one – through Christ – between God and all humanity, that is, to the root of the Catholic faith. A Jew, in turn, cannot be denied to a Catholic the right to affirm his legitimate faith, albeit unilaterally, without questioning their identity as Jews, as instead is happening on both sides by removing the Jewish identity of Christ. In short, Jewish or Catholic believers should converge towards the recognition of common roots.
The foreword of the Catholic Bible adds: «The book [of the Maccabees, Editor’s note] was not recognized as sacred by Judaism, therefore it was not read in the synagogue and thus the Hebrew text was lost. In the Greek version […] it was accepted into the Catholic and Orthodox Churches and considered as a holy book; however, it is not recognized as such by Protestant and Anglican ecclesial communities ». It is not a small detail. As it is before everyone, globalism and the IV Reich, sickly bearers of a contiguity with Muslims, take advantage of the separations between Jews and Christians, pushing towards a syncretistic polytheism, whose shoulders to the Judeo-Christian tradition they are less virulent and profaners today than yesterday’s Assyrian Hellenes.
Apostasy and heresy are two dangerous evils both for us Catholics and for the Jews. It is useless to me that I dwell on the poison Lutheran roots of Nazism, as well as on the actual necrosis in the Catholic body. The Jewish brothers therefore allow me some observations on certain aspects peculiar to them, from the strong reverberation however on the common history of Jews and Catholics. Muhammad, for example, cruel and not at all virtuous, was educated by the Nabateans, a heretical rib of Judaism, whose capital was Petra. If this can be relegated to the historical curiosities, diluted by the centuries, very different should be a common vision of the Holocaust, of the facts and their impact on the common history of Jews and Catholics. The Diaspora, a jew believer must connetter it to the will of our Lord. Well, it unfolds above all in the Christian territories: «Exhort each other every day as long as “this today lasts”, wrote Paul but it wasn’t and it is not always like this, thanks to mutual hatred, terrible but bright of consequences.
The Diaspora has in fact a conclusion, such as a long and painful crossing of the desert, as a long and painful liberation from slavery in Egypt, through the Holocaust, without which the foundation of the State of Israel – legitimate and firstly recognized by Stalin – today it would still be far away. It was, therefore, a terrible blasphemy, especially in Jewish circles as in Catholic circles, babbling of “death of God” for what happened before, during and because of the Holocaust, which must instead return the unique strengths to base the new covenant peacemaking. While we can rejoice at this conclusion of a piece of history common to Jews and Catholics, we must realistically consider a common danger. Both Catholic roots in Rome and Jewish roots in Jerusalem are a grace from Our Lord, not an eternally acquired right. The precariousness of these situations is directly proportional to the strength of the opposing parties: the Christian collaborationists – secular, religious, bishops and curias of every caliber – together with representatives of the international Jewish community, infected by the joyful nihilism of the Woody Allen and inhuman profiteering of Georgy Soros, Jew and collaborator of the Nazis. In this muddy trench, we also find the great European families, de-Christianized, such as that of Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, then in the front row to deny the Jewish Christian roots of Europe. They are the same families who actively collaborate in France, institutionalizing the Holocaust in the Vichy Republic. Similar large Italian families first rushed to Piazza Venezia[3] and enriched with the fascist war; after the battle of Stalingrad they prepared to rush to Piazzale Loreto[4], however ready to go back. Today they are all happily globalists like Bergoglio.

It is therefore appropriate and urgent that Catholics and Jews without hesitation reject the poisons of the false prophets of their respective fields, starting again from Chanukah and Christmas, from Pesah and Easter, two common feasts, open to men of good will. What is the first step? The archives concerning His venerated Holiness Pius XII have been opened. With amazing punctuality, the Episcopal Conference of the Fourth Reich, German pardon, points to the complicity of the bishops Catholics Germans with Nazism. The intent is to splash mud on His venerated Holiness Pius XII. We will return to this in more detail. For now, just remembering that the rare catholic bishops bland with Nazism were execrated by all the remaining Catholic prelates. On the contrary, almost all Nazi-Lutheran bishops blessed the Hitler’s emblems and provided military chaplains to Angela Merkel’s grandparents.
The truth about His venerated Holiness Pius XII, as we shall see, is proof of every Nazi-Lutheran filth, those of yesterday as of today.

[1] One of powerful clerical connections inside the Vatican. Mr. Giuseppe Conte is one of highest member, close to cardinal Giovanni Becciu and to cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, Chairman of Italian Episcopal Conference.

[2] Vilâyet, Sandjak: these are the two administrative districts of the Ottoman Empire, in order of importance, which precede the Cazà.

[3] At Piazza Venezia, in Rome, was the seat of Benito Mussolini’s government.

[4] At Piazzale Loreto, in Milan, the corpse of Benito Mussolini was hung upside down.

Informazioni su Piero Laporta

Dal 1994, osservate le ambiguità del giornalismo italiano (nel frattempo degenerate) Piero Laporta s’è immerso nella pubblicistica senza confinarsi nei temi militari, come d'altronde sarebbe stato naturale considerando il lavoro svolto a quel tempo, (Ufficio Politica Militare dello Stato Maggiore della Difesa). Ha collaborato con numerosi giornali e riviste, italiani e non (Libero, Il Tempo, Il Giornale, Limes, World Security Network, ItaliaOggi, Corriere delle Comunicazioni, Arbiter, Il Mondo e La Verità). Ha scritto “in Salita, vita di un imprenditore meridionale” ed è coautore di “Mass Media e Fango” con Vincenzo Mastronardi, ed. Leonardo 2015. (leggi qui: Il libro "Raffiche di Bugie a Via Fani, Stato e BR Sparano su Moro" ed. Amazon 2023 è l'inchiesta più approfondita e documentata sinora pubblicata sui fatti del 16 Marzo 1978. Oggi, definitivamente disgustato della codardia e della faziosità disinformante di tv e carta stampata, ha deciso di collaborare solo con Stilum Curiae, il blog di Marco Tosatti. D'altronde il suo più spiccato interesse era e resta la comunicazione sul web, cioè il presente e il futuro della libertà di espressione. Ha fondato il sito per il blog OltreLaNotizia. Lingue conosciute: dialetto di Latiano (BR) quasi dimenticato,, scarsa conoscenza del dialetto di Putignano (BA), buona conoscenza del palermitano, ottima conoscenza del vernacolo di San Giovanni Rotondo, inglese e un po' di italiano. È cattolico; non apprezza Bergoglio e neppure quanti lo odiano, sposatissimo, ha due figli.
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